Ground Search


Submission Deadline: 15 April 2024, 6pm (HKT)

Hong Kong will host its first Hong Kong Performing Arts Expo (HKPAX) from 14 to 18 October 2024, connecting industry players from around the world and fostering cultural exchange. Establishing long-term relationships that inspire new possibilities and facilitate the development of collaborative projects is at the core of HKPAX. For details, please visit About HKPAX to learn more.

To encourage homegrown Hong Kong small and medium-sized performing arts groups and individual arts practitioners to make good use of the HKPAX as a platform to showcase their talents and connect with international counterparts, “Ground Search” will be held at the West Kowloon Cultural District Arts Pavilion during HKPAX. For four consecutive days from 15-18 October 2024, it is expected to feature a number of arts practitioners or arts groups each day to showcase a work, conduct a workshop or share a project for not more than 30 minutes. HKPAX will provide the stage, basic technical equipment, and a subsidy of HKD$20,000 to support each selected proposal of showcase / workshop / sharing.

Applicants are required to submit all documents on or before 6pm Hong Kong time on 15 April 2024.

  1. Enable international participants to learn more about Hong Kong’s unique culture and diversity that is characterised by a fusion of Chinese tradition and Western cultures.
  2. To introduce local small and medium-sized performing arts groups and individual arts practitioners to counterparts from around the globe with a view to further promoting Hong Kong performing arts industry internationally.
  3. Broaden and enhance the experiences and horizons of local arts practitioners in promoting their work to international art arena.
  4. Explore opportunities for international touring, establish global networks, and seek potential future collaboration prospects.

The applicant

  1. must be a local professional arts organisation or individual artist with not less than three years’ experience in performing arts. The applicant is not limited to arts organisations or artists under the support of “Eminent Arts Group Scheme”, “Year Grant” and “Project Grant” granted by Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
  2. has involved in or / and presented at least one ticketed production / performance in the past three years from April 2021 to April 2024 will be advantageous.
  3. the applicant and key project collaborators involved in the proposal must be holders of Hong Kong identity card and are residing in Hong Kong.

The proposal

  1. must be an activity within 30 minutes of duration in the format including but not limited to an excerpt performance, demonstration, workshop or sharing. A 15-minute gap will be allowed for changeover between each selected activity.
  2. shall adapt to the venue specification and utilise the technical equipment provided by HKPAX as specified here. If applicant would like to use additional equipment, they may do so on their own cost and after discussion and agreement with HKPAX team in ensuring the additional technical requirement fits all the selected proposals.

  1. The application form can be completed either in English or Chinese.
  2. The applicant may be required to provide supplementary documents and information from time to time in support of the application. Failure to provide such information in a timely manner will be considered withdrawal from the process.
  3. Please read through and understand the venue information from here before submitting the application.

  1. Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:
    1. Artistic / professional merit, representativeness, organisational capabilities, and past experience in international promotion of the applicant.
    2. Proposal’s contribution to the promotion of Hong Kong's cultural and artistic scene.
    3. Proposal’s alignment with the mission and vision of HKPAX.
    4. Proposal’s feasibility and reasonableness of the content, scale, and work schedule.
  2. Applications will be assessed by HKPAX’s Local Advisory Panel and Chairmen of HKADC’s Art Form Groups of Dance, Drama, Music and Xiqu. They will make recommendations for endorsement to the Hong Kong Arts Development Fund Advisory Committee, whose decisions shall be final.
  3. An allowance of HKD$20,000 will be provided to support each successful applicant for the expenditure of their activity.
  4. Each successful applicant is required to provide materials including but not limited to photos, reviews and videos to HKPAX for publicity and marketing of the Ground Search.

Upon being selected, applicants will

  1. be invited to showcase a 30-minute activity in one of the sessions of Ground Search assigned by HKPAX. There will be a 15-minute gap for changeover between the selected activity.
  2. be required to submit materials including but not limited to arts group / artists’ introduction, photos, and videos (with English subtitles if possible) for promotional use.
  3. be required to attend a rehearsal (exact time to be confirmed), and other relevant activities. 

  1. Can I submit multiple applications for the Open Call for Ground Search?
    In order to ensure equality and fairness, only one application will be accepted from each applicant.

  2. Can I choose a specific date and time for my activity in Ground Search between 15-18 October 2024?
    Unfortunately, specific requests for date and time cannot be accommodated. The date and time for each activity will be assigned by HKPAX based on the practical considerations of art forms and technical arrangement of each activity. Each successful applicant is expected to have a 30-minute session on any day during the period (15–18 October 2024).

  3. Are there any specific requirements for the proposed activity?
    Ground Search offers a dedicated pitching ground for local small and medium-sized performing arts groups and individual arts practitioners to introduce themselves to international arts practitioners. The proposed activity should be within a 30-minute duration and can include an excerpt performance, demonstration, workshop, sharing, or any other related activities. Please ensure that the proposed activity aligns with the venue specifications and utilizes the provided technical equipment.

  4. Is it necessary to have previous experience in international promotion?
    While previous experience in international promotion is considered advantageous, it is not a mandatory requirement for the application. We suggest that you could describe more on how you intend to promote your group or yourself through the proposed activity in your proposal. This will assist us in evaluating your application.

  5. Can I bring my own technical equipment to the venue for my activity?
    HKPAX will provide basic equipment as listed in the technical specifications here. If applicant would like to use additional equipment, they may do so on their own cost and after discussion and agreement with HKPAX team in ensuring the additional technical requirement fits all the selected proposals.

  6. Which type of individuals will be joining Ground Search?
    Ground Search welcomes the participation of HKPAX pass holders. HKPAX aims for a global reach of international arts practitioners. We are excited to learn that a number of heavyweight international arts leaders and arts practitioners have agreed to participate, among them many presenters, venue operators, agents, as well as artists, producers, policy makers and individuals from the performing arts industry worldwide.

  7. Which art forms will be accepted for Ground Search?
    We welcome applications from all performing arts, including dance, drama, music, xiqu and multi-disciplinary art.

  8. When will HKPAX announce the results?
    We plan to notify successful applicants by July 2024. Stay tuned!

  9. If I have any questions about the open call and application, who should I contact?
    For enquiries, email us at [email protected].