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Uppercut Dance Theater (Denmark)
South Atrium, Hong Kong Palace Museum, West Kowloon Cultural District
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15 Oct (Tue) 15:45, 15 Oct (Tue) 18:15
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Take a seat! SIT DOWN! You are on the bench! Time out! All in good time! Are you in the right place?

BENCHED is a brutally honest bodily tale about life’s big and very small questions. About settling down. About daring to sit in opposition, about sitting cross-legged, about being sat, put off or benched. About taking, creating, and giving space—and remembering to do so before falling on your ass where the bench ends.

We all have the right to the bench, can all relate to the bench, are all right on the bench. The bench breaks down barriers and differences. The bench brings us together. The bench invites reflection. The bench opens for conversation. We all have to sit on the bench sooner or later.

A notion of finding one’s place in life and settling down on the bench of life.

In BENCHED, five male dancers perform in Johan Kølkjær’s set design of oversized and mobile benches constantly being transformed. Award-winning choreographer Stephanie Thomasen has created the concept and choreography for the performance, where dancers with great musicality, physicality and interaction examine human relationships.

The dancers are fluent in a mix of contemporary dance, break, capoeira and street dance genres, all merging into a distinct expression of movement and physical theatre that Uppercut Dance Theater has sought to examine throughout its 40-year history as a dance company in Denmark.

Uppercut Dance Theater


Uppercut Dance Theater has a 40-year history, constituting one of Denmark’s longest running dance companies. Founded in 1982, the company pioneered contemporary dance tours into alternative institutions such as museums and schools. Since 2000, Uppercut Dance Theater has worked with and engaged street and break dancers in their productions. One of whom, the avid capoeira and break dance practitioner Mark Philip, has now been with the company for 20 years and continues among the third generation of artistic directors alongside choreographer Stephanie Thomasen.


Stephanie Thomasen, an award-winning choreographer, is at the forefront of Uppercut Dance Theater. A graduate of The Ailey School Professional Divisions in 2009, she has worked at Uppercut Dance Theater ever since, first as a dancer and choreographer, then as artistic director alongside Mark Philip since 2016.

  • Approximately 45 minutes in duration.
  • Free seating.
  • You are recommended to arrive 15 minutes before the event starts. No admission for latecomers.
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