International Showcases
To Break Free is To Be
Maher Dance Company (Germany)
McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
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15 Oct (Tue) - 16 Oct (Wed) 18:00
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To Break Free is To Be by Maher Abdul Moaty is a compelling dance performance seamlessly blending the power of language with the dynamic artistry of movement, exploring the intricate relationship between dance and politics. This 50-minute showcase unfolds as a live, improvised composition, bringing authenticity and dynamism to every moment.

Let the words remain silent to let the body speak. In the frame of dance and politics, the power of the words side by side with the power of movement is handled to demonstrate the invisible borders that chain the dream and hope of our times. One body movement can represent hundreds of words, and one word can move hundreds of bodies. Movement is the language of the body, through which silence can speak even when one is speechless.

The choreography beautifully reflects a fusion of cultural backgrounds, providing a captivating experience celebrating the beauty and quality of diversity. More than just a dance performance, To Break Free is To Be is a jubilant celebration of collaboration, intercultural dialogue and artistic expression.

Maher Abdul Moaty

Artistic Director and Choreographer


Maher is a Syrian-German choreographer. His dance training is the foundation for his exploration of different forms of expression and movement. Maher’s unique choreographic approach seamlessly blends tradition and modernity to create an original and captivating style. Actively involved in national and international dance projects, his thought-provoking pieces address contemporary social issues. Committed to promoting intercultural dialogue, Maher believes in the unifying power of dance. Dynamic and spirited, his work embodies an intellectually stimulating exploration of the possibilities of human movement.

  • Approximately 60 minutes in duration.
  • Free seating.
  • You are recommended to arrive 15 minutes before the event starts. No admission for latecomers.
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