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The Island!
Burkicom (Czech Republic)
Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre
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17 Oct (Thu) - 18 Oct (Fri) 18:00
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An existential dance expedition into the unspoiled nature. Uncertainty, mistakes, cracks, scratches. Situations cropped to the bone. Emotions.

Scenic multimedia modulation of the habitat of a nameless island in the Czech Republic. The production of The Island! was one of the top five productions of the year at the 2021 Theatre Critics Awards and the highest-rated dance production in the Czech Republic.

“Environmental topics are permeating the news, political actions and our everyday life with ever-increasing frequency—but what are we actually talking about? Which nature? The forest where we go to gather mushrooms, and which captivates us with its calmness? What is the wilderness when only 4% out of the total weight of mammals in the world live in true freedom, 36% are humans, and 60% are reared in captivity for our entertainment or as food? And what is our relationship to the wilderness when we are part of it? We tried to create a model situation, a kind of laboratory, into which you put individual elements, set conditions and let the story unfold. Associations, links, and real-life situations were freely added, generating further development. We broke through the barriers and started to perceive who was a human and who an animal. The outlines of the future became clearer.”—Jana Burkiewiczová


Burkicom is a leading Czech contemporary dance and physical theatre company founded in 2015 by choreographer and director Jana Burkiewiczová. Although the initial means of her work are based on the connection between contemporary dance, physical theatre, and new circus, she often freely crosses their boundaries in the direction of the original dramatic form. Her unique style, enhanced by her collaboration with leading Czech designers, brings a distinctive contemporary theatre discussing current sociological issues, characterised by specific movement techniques and visual concepts.


Burkicom is also one of the founders and the main producer of Bread & Dance Prague—an international dance conference and showcase aiming to develop opportunities for companies and dancers to create and perform internationally.

  • Approximately 60 minutes in duration.
  • Free seating.
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