30 August 2023

[Press Release] The Inaugural Hong Kong Performing Arts Expo to launch in October 2024

  • A flagship platform to explore, experience, express, exhibit and exchange cutting-edge performing art ideas and productions
  • Application for the Expo’s “International Showcases” and “Pitch Sessions” opens today to the global performing arts community

(From left to right) Mr Kenneth Fok, JP, Chairman of HKADC, Mr Kevin Yeung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism and Dr Wilfred Wong, GBM, GBS, JP, Chairman of ADFAC attending the press conference of the inaugural Hong Kong Performing Arts Expo today

The Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) today announced that the inaugural Hong Kong Performing Arts Expo (HKPAX) will take place from 14 – 18 October 2024. A flagship platform for performing arts, the HKPAX is set to facilitate art and cultural exchange between China including Hong Kong, and the rest of the world, expanding trading market of performing arts programmes, and explore new opportunities for arts practitioners from the region and beyond. Global application for two of the highlighted programmes – “International Showcases” and “Pitch Sessions” also opens today, calling for proposals from artists and organisations globally to take part in this significant milestone of the region’s arts and cultural scene.

The announcement press conference of HKPAX was held at the Hong Kong Palace Museum today, attended by Mr Kevin Yeung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr Kenneth Fok, JP, Chairman of HKADC and Dr Wilfred Wong, GBM, GBS, JP, Chairman of Hong Kong Arts Development Fund Advisory Committee as officiating guests. At the event, the officiating guests discussed how the HKPAX will establish a platform for arts institutions and practitioners from China including Hong Kong, and the rest of the world to connect and interact, as well as elaborated on the cultural significance of the HKPAX and its role in elevating Hong Kong into a worldclass hub for performing arts.

Mr Kevin Yeung, GBS, JP Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, said, “As an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange, Hong Kong enjoys unique advantages under ‘One Country, Two Systems’ while being connected to both the Mainland market and the global stage. These present unparalleled and unrivaled opportunities for Hong Kong’s arts and culture sector. To capitalise on our strengths and play to these advantages, the Government considers it an opportune time to organise our own first-ever performing arts market, the Hong Kong Performing Arts Expo, which will take place in October 2024. We have high expectations on the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in developing this unique and important event into a signature branding of Hong Kong in the long run, benefiting the arts and culture sector in Hong Kong. Immediately after the Expo, Hong Kong will host the 2024 Greater Bay Area Culture and Arts Festival presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. These two important arts and culture events will synergise and complement each other. Participants can enjoy the high-level offerings of arts groups from the Mainland and worldwide, while at the same time explore the possibility of tapping into the Greater Bay Area market, as well as further understand the Chinese culture and promote cultural exchanges between China with the rest of the world. I am confident that the Expo will be a resounding success.”

Mr Kenneth Fok, JP, Chairman of HKADC articulates the vision of the HKADC to launch HKPAX, “HKADC is dedicated to supporting the arts development in Hong Kong, and we do encourage local practitioners to stretch their legs in different international arena. As the newly appointed chairman of HKADC, my goal is to leverage Hong Kong's unique cultural environment and well-established relationships with arts institutions to ensure the resounding success of this event, which serves as a platform to invite professional artists from around the world to Hong Kong, fostering their mutual recognition and exchange. We aim to establish long-term relationships that inspire new possibilities and facilitate the development of collaborative projects.”

Dr Wilfred Wong, GBM, GBS, JP, Chairman of ADFAC expressed his gratitude towards the HKSAR government and the art community, “HKPAX is envisioned to be a large-scale art expo dedicated to the performing arts industry. We invite artists from all over the world to submit their proposals and have the opportunity to perform in major venues across Hong Kong. Their participation will enrich HKPAX and contribute to cultural exchange. I would like to express my gratitude for the financial support from the HKSAR government, the warm support from the local arts industry, and the HKPAX Panel members. We look forward to the active participation from artists worldwide at the Hong Kong Performing Arts Expo.

A week-long programme to showcase the vibrant performing arts scene in Hong Kong

The key programmes of HKPAX will take place between 14 – 18 October 2024 and across seven major sectors, namely “Expo Programmes”, “International Showcases”, “Pitch Sessions”, “Talks”, “Exhibition”, “Cultural Offerings”, and “Tour to Guangzhou / Shenzhen”. Each sector provides art practitioners with a unique platform to explore, experience, express, exhibit and exchange the art of interaction.

The “Expo Programmes” will stage an array of signature performances by established artists from Hong Kong in the city’s most premier theatres, whereas “International Showcases” will provide a platform for international professional troupes to showcase their works in major performing art venues in Hong Kong. Another highlight of the Expo will be the “Pitch Sessions”, an innovative platform for art practitioners to pitch their ideas and explore potential partnerships. There will also be an opportunity for arts professionals to introduce their exciting productions and pitch new projects to counterparts through “Exhibition”. The HKPAX will offer an optional Tour to Guangzhou / Shenzhen, providing a great opportunity for participants to immerse in local culture and thriving art scene of the Greater Bay Area, allowing them to feel the rich cultural ambience and timeless traditions of the region.

Apart from the HKPAX, the government is also dedicated to foster cultural exchange and dialogue in the Greater Bay Area by supporting local arts groups and artists to perform in the region, and by serving as the host city of the GBA Culture and Arts Festival in 2024, which will happen immediately following the HKPAX. To enhance the engagement of the public, the HKPAX will also present a range of public programmes to deepen the understanding and appreciation of the performing arts. A series of talks will be presented during the HKPAX, featuring leaders in the art and cultural sector who will share invaluable insights on the latest arts development in Asia and beyond.

HKPAX opens for proposal submissions from today

The HKPAX is pleased to announce that the global open call for selected programmes, namely “International Showcases” and “Pitch Sessions”, will kick off today. The open call is available at the newly-launched official website for the HKPAX (https://www.hkpax.org.hk), where interested art organisations and practitioners can access the details of applications, including the requirement, format of submission and timeline.

Programme details and ticketing information of HKPAX will be announced in early 2024.

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