Expo Programmes

From cutting-edge dance to traditional xiqu, playful drama to exquisite orchestral music and cross-disciplinary productions—an array of signature programmes performed by Hong Kong’s well-established artists and emerging stars will be featured before a diverse audience in Hong Kong’s best theatres. At the same time, we serve as a platform to forge partnerships, nurture collaborative projects and cultural exchange among local and international participants.

International Showcases

International professional troupes set foot on the city’s soil and grace the major stages with breathtaking performances. HKPAX provides the best resources to international artists, including venue and technical support as well as an allowance to supplement travel and accommodation.

Pitch Sessions

An effective pitch can open a whole world of business opportunities and potential partners. Whether it’s an original creative project requiring additional funds, or a groundbreaking experiment looking for a venue or presenter, exciting new ideas will be shared in the sessions held at the Hong Kong Palace Museum Auditorium.


In the post-pandemic era, how can we better equip ourselves for the future, seizing opportunities and embracing challenges on a global scale? Amid the city’s intense energy and cultural fusion, you can meet key arts and cultural leaders who will share their views and opinions on today’s arts scene.


Exhibitors will display their playfully spirited ideas with different arts practitioners, venues and festivals. Under the marquee on the beautiful lawn of West Kowloon’s Art Park, arts professionals will introduce their exciting productions and pitch new projects to potential supporters and audiences. From day to night, everyone will enjoy the sights and sounds of Hong Kong’s harbourfront.

Tour to Guangzhou / Shenzhen

An optional tour to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, two of China’s biggest hotbeds of performing arts culture, provides another great opportunity for HKPAX participants to explore cultural exchange. All transportation, accommodation and scheduling, as well as meetings with local artists and administrators will be arranged.

Cultural Offerings

Hidden treasures in Hong Kong and Chinese culture include such unusual gems as singing bowl meditation and Tai Chi. HKPAX’s cultural offerings provide participants rare chances to immerse themselves in such first-hand experiences, soaking up unique Asian cultural ambience and traditions, nurturing both body and soul.